Learn Chinese through video clips 看视频学中文

Learning Chinese through video clips can be fun and rewarding. I will post some classic Chinese movies and video clips with script and English translation here. There will be update every Saturday. 

Suggested learning steps:

Step 1. Use the video as a listening comprehension practice
Step 2.  Read the script and translation. With the help of the mandarin annotate (http://mandarinspot.com/annotate) , try to understand as much detail as possible. Also, you can add in a Chinese-English Popup Dictionary onto your web browser to get instant pinyin and English translation of the words your select.
Step 3.  Watch the video again until you can understand most part of the movie.  Happy learning!

The first movie I am going to introduce to everyone is 爱情麻辣烫 (Love Spicy Soup). This film is an anthology of sorts, and tells its story of love and life in modern Beijing through a series of five vignettes. It was a 1997 Chinese film directed by Zhang Yang and written by Zhang, Liu Fendou, Cai Shangjun, and Diao Yi'nan based on a story by Zhang and Peter Loehr. Spicy Love Soup was produced by Loehr's Imar Film Company, Xi'an Film Studio, and Taiwanese financing. ( Quote from Wikipedia)

Spicy Love Soup was, in addition, the first film in mainland China to see a simultaneous release of a soundtrack, consisting largely of contemporary pop songs.

爱情麻辣烫 2

爱情麻辣烫 3

爱情麻辣烫 4


 A Girl Named Wen Na :

In this video, a girl named Wen Na, who is a wonderful painter and writer, talked about how she started her journey of painting fantasy images on the wall (fresco) . When she painted those pictures, she also created stories in her mind to help her painting. Her frescos were so fantastic that she was invited to paint in many places in China and some other countries. She also wrote down those stories that inspired her to design her paintings.

A Girl Named Wen Na -- Part 1

A Girl Named Wen Na-- Part 2

A Girl Named Wen Na-- Part 3