Friday, July 29, 2016

A Girl Named Wen Na -- Part 2

Chinese script and English translation:  (time: 3:18  to   5:50 )

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Sanbao village is an international cultural exchange center in Jingdezhen. Artists from around the world have been visiting this village since then. They set up workshops and exchange ideas with each other.

I am very lucky to leave my artworks here. They are my ID card that introduces my fresco to the world.

I am very lucky that Teacher Li gave me plenty of walls to practice my painting skills. If I were in Beijing, it would have been difficult to find a large size paper or cloth.

I had been practicing painting on those walls, which were built alongside the hill. So I was painting directly at the foot of the hill.

I painted this wall at Teacher Li's kitchen. The theme of this picture is about the God of Happiness coming to the mortal world together with all the condiments. At that time, I already started a playful way in painting for Teacher Li. Since this painting is in the dining room, the God of Happiness is real, his companions, the other gods such as the Green Onion, the Garlic, the Star anise, the Curry, etc, are included.

Now you can see what it looks like five years after I finished this fresco. To paint on a wall and to paint on a paper, the whole progress is different. I happened to paint my fresco on the hillside.

Time has granted it another trait, which is not available when we paint on paper indoors. Just like the fresco I mentioned, it gives me a feeling as if it was painted two hundred years ago, and I found it by accident, then helped it reveal itself.

I painted this one at an ancient town in Anhui Province. It was quite funny that when I was painting this fresco in an old house, many local people came to watch. They were supposed to know that I was painting a new picture on the wall. But I heard some of them were asking what I was painting, and others were saying that I was repairing an old painting.

Actually at that time, I just started painting. In three days, I finished the whole painting. Before I left that town, I guessed that many local people believed my newly painted fresco had been there a long time ago.

但是对我来说最重要的除了壁画是时间给了我的一个错乱感,我认为我的壁画最重要的其实不是说它的手法,或者我不打稿,或者说我上了色等等。但我觉得我最重要的,只是壁画让大家认识了我。但我真正想给大家讲的是,我在壁画背后的故事。(截至 5:50)
My frescos make me feel I have been on time traveling. It doesn't really matter what technique I use, or whether I draw draft first or not, or the color I choose. It's important for me that my frescos let more people get to know me. Right now, what I really want to tell everyone is the stories behind my fresco.