Monday, January 4, 2016

Spicy Love Soup 1

(Sorry, the youtube link to this video clip is no longer available)

Script and translation till 6:30 

Spicy Love Soup

Scene One
嗯, 今儿这火锅太辣了!
Mmm..  The hotpot is really spicy!
Really?  I feel it’s pretty good.
Well, I have some thing to tell you. My parents said they want to see you tomorrow.
Why didn't you tell me earlier?
They told me when they called this noon; besides, it's the same (to meet them) sooner or later.

But I need to get ready.
What do you need to prepare?
Well, I need to think about what I should say when I meet your parents, and whether I should bring them some gifts.
Silly, you don't need to bring anything. Take it easy.
By the way, do you think your parents will approve our marriage?
It's hard to tell. Depends on you.

Scene Two
Meeting the girl's parents at another hotpot restaurant
The teenager on stage)
Voice of the teenage boy)
My mom said that I liked crying shortly after I was born. One day, she shook a little rattle close to my ear. Suddenly, I burst into laughter when I heard the rattling sound. Maybe, maybe from that day on, I've been charmed by the magic power of sound. I love sounds. I love recording them, and then playing back to myself. Those sounds bring me endless joy. Until one day, I heard the most beautiful sound in the world.
The teenage girl is reading. )
清晨,我推开房门,一个洁白的世界映入了我的眼帘。哦,下雪了。鹅毛般的雪花漫天飞舞着,一切都显得那么纯洁而美丽,纯洁得几乎要把整个世界凝固。我不愿任这美景从眼前悄然掠过,便和同学们一起来到北海赏雪,想更多地留住一幅画卷 ,一种心情。我们走在厚厚的积雪上,脚下发出咯吱咯吱的声音。身后留下一串长长的脚印。

One morning, I opened the door. A pure and white world was in front of me. Oh! it's snowing. The feather-like snowflakes were dancing in the sky. Everything looked so clean and pretty that I felt time had stopped. It would be a pity if I didn't get any chance to enjoy the beauty of nature thoroughly.  Trying to record more beauty of nature in my mind, and keep the lovely feeling in my memory, I went to Beihai Park with my classmates to enjoy the snow scenery. The heavy snow creaked under our feet. Chains of footprints were left behind. 

 Enjoy  the other parts of this movie.

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