Monday, August 24, 2015

Leave Baidi City in the Morning

((táng)) ()(bái)


Leave Baidi City in the Morning
Tang Li Bai
The colorful clouds were floating in the sky when I left Baidi city in the early morning.
Even Jiangling is thousand li away, I would get there just in one day.
I can hear the apes are keeping calling each other on both sides of the river.
Before their calling fades away, my swift boat would've already passed tens of thousands of mountains.
Vocabulary and explanation:
(zǎo): morning
(): leave, dispatch
(bái)()(chéng)Baidi city; an ancient temple complex on a hill on the northern shore of the Yangtze River in China, 8 km east of the present day Fengjie County seat in Chongqing municipality.  More information is available at
(táng): Tang dynasty(618 -907)
()(bái) : Li Bai, name of a famous poet

(zhāo): morning
(): to leave
(bái)(): Baidi city
(cǎi)(yún): colorful clouds
(jiān): between, among
(qiān): thousand
(): the Chinese unit for distance, equals to 0.5 kilometers
(jiāng)(líng): name of a city, Jiangling  county  locates in southern Hubei province, China.
()(): one day
(huán): to return
(liǎng)(àn): two sides of the river
(yuán): ape
(shēng): sound (of the apes calling each other)
(): crow, hoot (describing the sound of the ape's calling)
(): no, not
(zhù): stop
(qīng)(zhōu): swift boat
(): already
(guò): pass
(wàn): ten thousand
(chóng): layer ( a classifier of the mountain to depict the layers and layers of mountain stand side by side)

(shān): mountain