Saturday, December 7, 2013

Chinese idiom -- long hair short wit

今天我要向大家介绍一句常用的俗语: 头发长见识短。
Today I am going to introduce a Chinese idiom: long hair short wit.
This idiom has a certain degree of gender discrimination.
Some masculist people may comment a female with this idiom.
I am not sure where this idiom came from.
But you may often hear this idiom in daily life.
Next, let's read a short joke, in which this idiom is used.

Hair and wisdom

在看日本动画片《聪明的一休》的时侯,爸爸问10岁的儿子:"你说说,一休为什么那么聪明呢?” “因为他没有头发呀!” “头发与智慧有什么关系呢?” “你不是说妈妈头发长见识短吗?“
When watching the Japanese series Smart Yi Xiu, the dad asks the ten years old son, " Tell me, why Yi Xiu is so smart? " " Because he doesn't have hair. " " Is there any connection between the hair and wisdom? " " Is that you who say that mom has long hair and short wit? "

About Smart Yi Xiu

Smart Yi Xiu was a Japanese cartoon TV series. It was very popular when it was introduced to China during the 1980's. 


This TV series tells the stories about Yi Xiu, a smart little monk. He used to be a prince. But he had to leave the palace and his mother, and became a monk in the temple because of the change of political situation. He was smart, diligent, brave, and compassionate. He always tried to help the poor and weak, fight with the tyranny. There are 296 episodes. Each episode tells an interesting story. 

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