Sunday, December 22, 2013

Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress

快到新年了,或许你终于有时间坐下来看看电影。 今天想为大家介绍的是一部2002年上映的电影--《巴尔扎克和小裁缝》。
Soon it will be new year. Maybe you will have some time to sit down and watch some good movies. Today I am going to introduce a movie, Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress, which premiered at 2002.

This movie tells a love story between the two young men from the big city and a beautiful girl in the village during the Cultural Revolution.

Luo Ming and Ma Jianling are two young men from the big city. They are sent to a remote village to be re-educated during the Cultural Revolution.

For the two young men, who grew up in the city, the life in the village is harsh and boring.

But the beautiful little seamstress makes them feel life is full of passion again.

They both fall in love with the girl the same time.

The little seamstress can not read. So they steal some forbidden books from another young man, read the books for the girl, and teach her how to read.

The stories in the books show the girl a picture of totally different world outside. She decides to leave the little village and start a brand new life.

影片中的对话全为四川话。四川话与普通话发音很接近,但是声调有差异。下面的视频有中文字幕。试试你能听懂多少。  :)
All the dialogue in the movie are Sichuan Hua (Sichuan dialect). The pronunciation of Sichuan Hua is very close to Mandarin. But the tones are different. The following video will show you this movie with Chinese subtitles. Let's see how much you could understand.  :)

More information about this movie on Wikipedia

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