Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Slow Read Chinese -- Spring is an Artist

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春天是一位浪漫的画家。她绿色送给草坪和大树;她把红色、黄色、紫色、橙色送给鲜花; 她把蓝色送给天空;她把白色送给云朵;她把黑色和棕色送给土地;她把美丽的七色送给彩虹。
Spring is an Artist
Spring is a romantic artist. She gives green to the lawn and trees. She gives red, yellow, purple, and orange to the flowers. She gives blue to the sky. She gives white to the clouds. She gives black and brown the earth. She gives the beautiful seven colors to the rainbow.

Spring is here.  I notice that I am living in a painting.

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