Sunday, May 14, 2017

Slow Read Chinese -- Learn Chinese Character

一天晚上,吃过晚饭后,父亲用手指蘸了茶水在饭桌上写了一个“一” 字,让刚学认字的儿子学习。
父亲说:“记住了,这是‘一’ 字”。
儿子看了看桌上的“一” 字,回答:“ 记住了。”
第二天中午,父亲正在拖地,看见儿子和邻居的小孩玩游戏,于是,把儿子叫了过来。父亲用拖把在地板上写了一个大大的“一” 字,问儿子:“ 这是什么字?”  儿子瞪大了眼,看了半天,没回答。
父亲着急了:“ 仔细想想,昨晚才教你的。” 儿子依旧一脸茫然,说:“ 不知道。”
父亲气急:“ 怎么会不知道呢? 这是‘一’ 字。 昨晚我用手指在饭桌上写的就是这个字。怎么就忘了?”
儿子一脸无辜,说道:“ 昨晚那么小, 今天就变这么大了,谁还认得出来。”

Learning Chinese Character
One evening, after finishing supper, father dipped his finger into the tea and wrote a Chinese character ‘一‘  on the dinner table. Then he asked his son, who just started learning Chinese character, to learn this character 一.
Father said, “ Remember, this character is yī .”
Son looked at the character and said, “I got it.”
The next day, at noon, the father was mopping the floor. When he saw his son and neighbor’s kid were playing a game, the father asked his son to come over and wrote a big 一 on the floor with the mop. He asked, “What character is this?” The son stared at the character for quite a while, without any answer.
The father lost his patience, said, “ Think again carefully. I just taught you last evening.”
Still, the son had no clue, said, “I don’t know.”
The father was a bit irritated. He said, “How come you don’t know? This character is yī , the one I wrote with my finger on the dinner table. How come you just forget?”
The son looked very innocent, said, “ It was so small last night. Now it becomes this big. No one can recognize it. ”

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