Thursday, January 26, 2017

Spring Festival Gift - A short story in Chinese


很快就是春节,妈妈腹中的小生命也要诞生了。一天,三岁的妞妞好奇地问妈妈:“妈妈,为什么你的肚子越来越大了?”  妈妈开玩笑说:“我把今年的礼物都藏在肚子里了,到时候你就知道你的礼物是什么了。”
除夕早上,妈妈从医院回来,怀里抱着一个小弟弟。 妞妞奇怪地问:“这是什么?”  妈妈笑着说:“这就是我给你的礼物呀,一个小弟弟,你喜欢吗?”  
妞妞皱了皱眉头,回答说:“ 明年春节你可以给我一只小猫咪吗?”

It will be Spring Festival soon. The little one in Mom’s belly will be ready to come out. One day, Niuniu, who is three years old now, asks Mom curiously, “ Mom, why your  belly gets bigger and bigger?” Mom answers her jokily , “ I am hiding your gift in my belly. When it’s time, you will know what it is.”
In the morning of Spring Festival Eve, Mom comes home from the hospital. A little boy is in her arms. Niuniu asks, “ What’s this?”  Mom said smiling, “ This is my gift for you, a little brother. Do you like him?”
Niuniu frowns and answers, “ Could you give me a kitten next Spring Festival?”

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