Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Character a Day 到

到 has the meaning like 'to get to a place, arrive' , this video focuses on the sentence structure : 从 A 到 B“ (from A to B)

Notes about this video:

Good morning, we will talk about 到 today.

has the meaning like 'get to a place', 'arrive', or 'reach'

到了! Here we are! The taxi driver may use the phrase when you arrive your destination.

我到了! I am here! You may use this sentence on the phone to tell your friend who is supposed to give you a ride when you arrive at the airport.

A common sentence structure:

A B , A and B can be a physical location, also can be a time word.

从地球到太阳 from the earth to the sun

从去年到今年 from last year to this year

从他家到公司,坐公交需要一个小时。 It needs one hour to take a bus from his home to the company.

从周一到周五,他一直很忙。 He has been very busy from Monday to Friday.

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