Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Character a Day 为

Notes of this video:

Good morning, in this video the character waiting for us is 为.
The original writing of 为 shows a hand and an elephant to imply the meaning of ‘labor work’, later it's meaning extended to ‘to do something’ or ‘to make something’.

为has many different usages. Here we’ll learn some common ones.
为 means ‘ for’
我为你高兴.  I am happy for you.
我真为你高兴。 I am so happy for you.

为 is part of a word 因为 which means ‘because’.

为什么 , why
Why aren't you going?

In the following example, 为 sounds wei2 , and means ‘become, turn into’.
五年后, 她将成为一位律师。
She will become a lawyer in five years.

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