Friday, February 19, 2016

A Character a Day 大

Notes about this video:

Good morning, today we are going to talk about character 大.
It basically means big, large.
It’s a pictographic character that portraits a person. It also looks like a person is opening his arms widely, trying to show you he is BIG!

Here are some examples when it means big.
大树 大鸟 大城市 大风

It is also used to ask about age.
你多大?  How old are you?

A Mom may call her oldest child as 我家老大。Here 老 doesn't mean old. It is just a prefix.

If there are four children in a family, each child can be referred to as
老大 老二 老三 老四

大 should be read as dai4 when it is used in the word for Doctor.
大夫. Or.  医生 both means a  doctor who works in a hospital.

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