Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Character a Day 边 part 1

Character 边 basically means edge, border, etc. This video will cover how 边 is combined with other words to describe location.

Notes about this video:

Good morning. This video is made to answer one of my audiences' question.
Stephen, thank you for your kinds words about my work. And I am going to talk about character in this video.
The basic meaning of is edge, side, margin, border.
河边 riverside
海边 seaside, sea shore

In our daily speak, often works like a suffix to describe the location.
东边 east
西边 west
南边 south
北边 north

前边 in front, ahead
后边 back , behind
上边 above, top
下边 bottom, below

左边 left
右边 right

外边 outside

里边 inside

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