Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A Character a Day 上 part 1

Notes pertaining to this video:

Good morning, this character is waiting for us today. 上 shang4, it means on top, above, upper, etc.

The oldest writing of this character, the oracle script, looks like this.

The curve line at the bottom refers to the ground, and the short line at the top shows the position that is above the ground.

When this writing style evolved to seal script, it had a very nice decorative style.

How to use this character?

First, 上 is used to indicate a position. Here I am going to show you a short poem I just wrote when I prepared for this video.

云在天上 The clouds is in the sky

鸟在树上 The birds are on the tree

我在路上 I am on the road

你在我的心上 You are in my heart.

A Character a Day 上 Part 2

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