Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Character a Day 这

Video script:

Good morning, in this video we are going to talk about this character .  First I'll show you how to write it.
is a demonstrative pronoun, also know as 指示代词.  It indicates close persons or things. Sometime is followed directly by a singular noun, such as 这孩子。 This child. 
Sometime there is a classifier between and the noun, such as 这个孩子。  Also means this child.
Let's see a sentence example. 这孩子真顽皮。 这孩子 this child, really, truly, 顽皮naughty; This child is really naughty.

If we add a classifier between and 孩子。                                                                                       
这个孩子真顽皮。It also works. The same meaning as the previous sentence.

can also be followed by plural noun. For example, 这三个孩子    these, three, the classifier for people. These three children. 

Another example, 这三张图片。张 the classifier for thin and flat things such as paper. Here is for the picture.  图片  picture.    这三张图片。These three pictures.

When we want to refer to persons or objects without specific number or quantity, we need use这些 this, some few. So 这些 means these.
For example,
这些孩子() .    These children.   the plural mark for noun.
这些图片。   These pictures.

Also please notice that sometime is pronounced as zhèi . zhè or  zhèi both are correct.
So when we want to say this or these in Chinese, we need . How about that and those, we will need .  I will talk about in my next video. See you then.

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