Friday, November 20, 2015

A Character a Day 他

Video script:

Good morning. In this video, we are going to talk about character . It means he, him, or other. First let's see how to write it.
The main usage of is working as a pronoun, referring to the singular male third person.   he, him ;  他们  they, third person plural. It may refer to a group of people including only male persons or both male and female. But if there are only female persons in a group, we need use 她们。The left part of 她,  女字旁, refers to female.

also means other, another. 
他人  others, other people
他杀 other people, kill, killed by other people, homicide. If the death is caused by oneself, suicide will be 自杀. oneself, kill, 自杀 suicide.
他乡 , another, town, village, 他乡a place far away from one's home town . Then how to say 'hometown'?  Home town will be 家乡, home, family; 家乡 hometown.
Sometimes is used in a word just for its sound. Such as 吉他 means the music instrument- guitar. doesn't carry any specific meaning here.  That's all for today. See you soon. Thanks for watching.

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