Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Tang Poem -- Traveler's Song 唐诗-- 游子吟

Today I am going to introduce a very popular Tang poem -- Traveler's Song. 游子吟.

The following video will show you how to read and write this poem.

Explanation of this poem:

慈(cí) 母(mǔ) 手(shǒu) 中(zhōng) 线(xiàn),游(yóu)子(zǐ) 身(shēn) 上(shàng) 衣(yī)。

Thread in the hands of my loving mother, clothes for me, the child who would start a journey far from home.

慈(cí) 母(mǔ), loving and caring mother; 手(shǒu)中(zhōng), in the hand; 线(xiàn), thread; 游(yóu)子(zǐ), 外出旅行的孩子, the child who is traveling far from home; 身(shēn) 上(shàng), on the body; 衣(yī), clothes;

临(lín) 行(xíng) 密(mì) 密(mì) 缝(féng),意(yì) 恐(kǒng) 迟(chí) 迟(chí) 归(guī)。

Dreading that I would be away from home for a very long time, she was sewing so carefully.

临(lín), just about to, just before; 行(xíng), to travel, to go; 密(mì) 密(mì),reduplicate adjective used as adverb, closely, here means the stitch is very small; 缝(féng), sew; 意(yì), to anticipate;恐(kǒng), afraid, to fear; 迟(chí) 迟(chí), reduplicate adjective used as adverb, late; 归(guī), return;

谁(sheí) 言(yán) 寸(cùn) 草(cǎo) 心(xīn),报(bào) 得(dé) 三(sān) 春(chūn) 晖(huī)。

Mother's love for me is like the spring sun shine for a tiny grass, so warm and caring that I would never forget.

谁(sheí), who; 言(yán),say; 寸(cùn),a Chinese unit for length, about 1.3 inches;草(cǎo), grass; 心(xīn), heart; 报(bào),回报, recompense; 得(dé),to obtain, to get; 报(bào) 得(dé), here means to fulfill the wish of recompensing mother for her love; 三(sān) 春(chūn), the three months in spring; 晖(huī), sunshine.