Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Folk Song-- Cowboy's Song 民歌-- 牧童之歌

This song is the very first song I learned when I was in the elementary school. It's a Kazak folk song. It has been engraved in my heart. Since I have been living in Montana, U.S. The beautiful stunning scenery I see everyday just reminds me of this song.

I made this Youtube video to show you how to sing this song. Also you will learn some useful vocabulary. 

The detailed explanation of the lyrics:

(Click the video below the explanation, you will hear my reading of the text. ) 

Title: Cowboy's Song
 牧童,  cowboy;  But in my opinion 牧童 only refers to the cowboy who is very young, around 10 to 18 years old. Another word can be used to all the cowboys -- 牛仔.  

红太阳从 天山 慢慢地爬上
Slowly rising up the red sun above the Tianshan Mountain

红太阳, the red sun; 从 , from; 天山, name of the mountain, which is a large system of mountain ranges located in central Asia. 慢慢地, slowly; 爬, climb; 上, up; 爬上, climb up;

Green grasses are waving their head when the wind is blowing
风, wind; 吹, blow;绿草, green grass; 草儿, grass; 把, is a very important part of '把 sentence' ( Ba sentence structure). In this sentence structure, the object is moved in front of the verb. 头, head;扬, raise. 

Here, 草儿把头扬,  literally means: the grass 把 head raise. 'Grass' is the subject, 'raise' is the verb, 'head' is the object. The object is moved in front of the verb.

Ride on my horse, flick the whip
骑上, ride on; 骏马, fine horse, steed; 扬, raise; 起, up; 扬起, raise up; 鞭, a whip or lash;

Herd my cattle and sheep down to the river shore
赶, to hurry, to rush, to drive away; 着, implies the progressive tense, the action is taking place; 牛, cow,ox; 羊, sheep, goat; 下, get down; 河滩, the river shore; ( does river shore or river beach work here? I am a little confused about the translation here.)

Sing, sing a song
唱, sing; 上, here implies the action of singing starts (my opinion only); 一首歌, a song, 首 is the measure word for song; 呀, a modal particle.

My heart is full of joy...

心, heart; 花, flower; 开放, open, unfold; Literally this sentence means the flower in my heart is opening, blooming now. That's a beautiful way to say 'I am so happy'.  :)