Sunday, July 28, 2013

Character 火 and its friend 烟

From the title, you may noticed that 烟, which basically means smoke, has 火 as its component. Actually, 火 is the radical too. 
I made the following video lesson to show you: the meaning of character 烟; how to recognize it; how to write it in 楷书(regular script) and 行书(semi-cursive script); how to use it in our daily life.

After I made this video lesson, I realized that I forgot some important usage of this character 烟. So I am adding some more information here:
烟 itself can refer to cigarette, tobacco. But usually there is another word specifically refer to cigarette-- 香烟, which literally means fragrant tobacco. 我不吸烟. So I don't think tobacco is fragrant. Maybe people who love smoking feel so.  :)

Let's do some practical exercise:
I want to buy a pack of cigarette.

During the holiday of Chinese New Year, many people will shoot off fireworks. Fireworks in Chinese is 烟花 or 焰火. 
烟花 literally means smoke flower. That's a fantastic description of fireworks, right?  

More practice:
Let's shoot off some fireworks tonight.

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