Monday, June 3, 2013

国人讲普通话闹出的笑话1 (Joke about Speaking Mandarin)

Those homophones and characters that sounds very similar to each other cause lots of trouble for Mandarin learners. Not only the foreigners, even the people from some provinces of China will make a show of themselves when they speak Mandarin.


The following joke is about Guangdong people.


A local government officer of Guangdong province is accompanying some government officers from other place on visiting the suburban area. "The suburban area looks so beautiful when we are sitting in the fore and enjoying the scenery." He comments excitedly. But in the other officers' ear, he says, " She looks so beautiful when I watch my lovely wife in the bed." Everyone sniggers at him. So there is a saying, " Nothing is more scary than hearing a Guangdong person speaks Mandarin."  

Do you know why this funny things happened in this joke?

Because here are couple of words that sounds similar to each other:

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