Friday, April 19, 2013

Tomato egg soup 番(fān) 茄(qié) 鸡(jī) 蛋(dàn) 汤(tāng)

Tomato egg soup (fān) (qié) () (dàn) (tāng)
tomato                                     2 medium
egg                                          2
green onion                             2  piece
ginger                                      1/4 oz
corn starch                               2 tbsp

Step 1.              Dice tomato; mince green onion and ginger; add a pinch of salt into the eggs and batter them well; mix 2 tbsp corn starch with 4 tbsp water;
Step 2.              Heat up 1 tbsp olive oil, add in ginger and white part of green onion; Then add in 4 cups of water;
Step 3.              When the water start boiling, add in diced tomatoes; keep boiling for 2 minutes; then add in the corn starch mixture;
Step 4.              Add in the egg and keep stirring the same time; then keep blending and boiling one minute;
Step 5.               Add about 1/2 tsp salt and the rest green onion. It's ready to serve.

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