Friday, March 8, 2013

锵锵三人行2013-03-07 从周喜军盗车杀婴案看中国的社会现象

这个视频带来了一条匪夷所思,让人难过的新闻。 周喜军偷窃了一辆车。在驾车途中才发现车内有一个两个月大的婴儿。让人难以理解的是,他居然掐死了那个可怜的婴儿。 
This video brought an unthinkable and sad news. Zhou Xijun stole a car. Then he found that there was a two-month old infant in that car. It's very hard to understand that he killed that baby by choking him/her to death.  

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