Tuesday, January 15, 2013

手擀面之番茄牛肉面Chinese Home-made Noodle

Chinese beef noodle recipe
To make the noodle, we will need:
all purpose flour        12 oz
water                        6 oz

salt                            pinch
To make the toppings, we will need:
beef tenderloin                  2 Lb
tomato                               about  24 oz
tomato sauce                     15 oz
ginger                                1 oz
onion                                 10 oz
garlic                                 8 cloves
green onion                       4 pieces          
soy sauce                           2 tbsp
sugar                                  2 tsp
ground black pepper         about  ¼ tsp
water                                 about  15 cups
butter                                 1 tbsp
olive oil                             1 tsp
chicken extract                  2 tsp
Part One Making the toppings :
1.      Cut the tomatoes into big chunks, mince the garlic and green onion, cut the ginger into thick pieces, and dice the onion.
2.      Boil water in a deep pot, and then put the beef into the water. Take out the dirty foam when boil the beef.
3.       When there is no more dirty foam, add in the ginger.  We keep it boiling on mid-high level heat for 15 minutes. Then take out the beef. The beef broth left in the pot will be used later.
4.      Set another deep pot, heat it up, and add in butter and olive oil. When the oil heat up, add in diced onion and minced garlic. Then add in the beef when the onion becomes soft and spread the fragrance. Keep stirring for a while to let the flavor of onion and garlic soak into the beef. Add in soy sauce and sugar. Keep stir frying a bit more till everything is mixed well.
5.      Add in tomato chunks and keep stirring for a while. Then add enough beef broth to submerge all the ingredients. Add in ground black pepper. Turn the heat higher till the mixture start bubbly boiling, then lower the heat and let the mixture simmer for 30 minutes.
6.      Pour into one can of tomato sauce and keep stirring to mix all the ingredients.
7.      Let the mixture simmer for 10 minutes, then add in the chicken extract. Taste the broth, add in salt if needed.  The toppings are done.
Part Two making the noodle:
1.      Add a pinch of salt into the flour.  Then add water slowly into the flour. 
2.      Knead the flour mixture into a smooth dough
3.      Cover the dough with a damp kitchen cloth, or wrap it with cling wrap. Then let it set for 20-30 minutes
4.      Roll the dough into flat and thin piece with the rolling pin   
5.      Sprinkle dry flour evenly on the flat dough; fold it and cut it into long strips.
6.      Toss the noodle, and sprinkle some dry flour to keep the noodle from sticking together before cooking them.
 Then add in the noodle into the water when it starts boiling. Stir the noodle to keep them stick together. 
When the noodles are all floating above the boiling water, keep them boiling for one or two more minutes. Take out the noodle into the bowl and pour the toppings onto the noodle. Then sprinkle some minced green onion. It’s ready to serve. Enjoy!