Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Writing basic character 王 wáng

王 wáng is a very interesting character. It's simple but full of BIG idea.
The basic meaning of 王wáng is king. Why?  Some sayings is that the top first horizontal stroke represents the heaven, the second middle  horizontal stroke represents the mortal world, the third bottom horizontal stroke represents the underworld, and the center vertical stroke represents the ability to communicate between those different world. That's why this character means KING. 

is also a very common family name in China. Maybe you will wonder whether all those people named are descendants of the kings in ancient China. The answer is some of them are.  But there were also many people who changed their family name as for all kinds of reasons. Such as, some family were granted the surname because they had made important contribution to the country; while some other changed their surname to just for trying to escape from the enemy who was in power. There are also many minorities changed their family name as when they wanted to blend into the Han people’s live.
Well, now it's time to learn how to write this character :)