Sunday, January 1, 2012

Pinyin initials: b, p, m, f

Tips of pronouncing Pinyin correctly:
When we pronounce initial sound, we make a gentle and quick sound. It just lasts for a very short time then slide to final sound to complete the pronunciation of a character. As for the pronunciation of final sound, we make a loud and clear sound. And it lasts comparatively longer than the initial ones.

This lesson introduce four initials: b, p, m, f .
To pronounce ' b ' correctly, the tip is: First, close your mouth tightly and hold your breath. Then open your mouth quickly and blow the air out gently. It sounds like the break of a water bubble.

To pronounce ' p ' correctly, the method is close to the way of pronouncing 'b'. But you need to blow the air harder.

The tip of pronouncing ' m ' is : Noticing that this is a nasal sound, you should close your mouth, let the air come out through your nose to make the sound.

The tip of pronouncing ' f ' is: The upper teeth touches the lower lip. Let the air blow out between the teeth and lip.