Thursday, October 27, 2011

How to use 福(fú)to decorate your house 贴福字的讲究

In Chinese tradition, people will clean their house thoroughly and use 福 and Spring Festival couplets decorate their front door one or two days before the Spring Festival.  What is the proper way to decorate the front door with 福? There are some people who decorate their front door with a upside down 福. Because in Chinese the character "倒 (dào)” (means upside down)and another character “到(dào)” (means arrive, come) have the same sound. So they think an upside down 福 means the 福 is coming to their house. That's not right ! The front door is the main entrance of the family. The decoration should not be casual but solemn. So the correct way of decorating front door with 福 is an upright 福. Like this:

And this is not the right way:

Then where should we use the upside down 福?  If you want to decorate the furniture in the house, you may use upside down 福. It means the happiness and good luck already arrived in your house and will stay with you in this coming new year.