Sunday, February 12, 2017

Farewell to Meng Haoran

The finished calligraphy work:

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Chinese Text Annotation:

唐  李白


黃鶴樓 : Yellow Crane Tower
送:   to see someone off
孟浩然:  Name of a friend
之:    to, towards
廣陵:   name of a place

故人:  old friend
西:  west
辭:  leave
煙: smoke, mist
花: flower
三月: March
下: go to another place which is located at the lower part of the river
揚州: Name of a city
孤: lonely
帆: sail
遠: remote, far away
影: shadow, shape
碧空: blue sky
盡:  the end (of sth.) , to the limit (of sth.)
唯: only
見: to see
長江: the Yangzi River
天際: the horizon
流: flow

A nice English translation by Ying Sun:

Explanation of this poem in modern Chinese: