Monday, December 29, 2014

High Mountains and Flowing Rivers

The text of this video is below: 

Today I am going to introduce an idiom to you.

This idiom is " high mountains and flowing rivers" 

高山流水的典故来源于《列子  汤问》。
The story behind this idiom comes from Lie Zi . Yin Tang's Questions.

在《列子  汤问》中写道: 
It was written like this in that book.

Bo Ya was a good gǔqín player, and Zhong Ziqi had a good ear for music. 

When Bo strummed his gǔqín, with his mind on mounting a lofty mountain, Zhong commented, "How delightful! It sounds as grand as Mountain Taishan."

志在流水,钟子期曰:“ 善哉,洋洋兮若江河!” 
When Bo meditated on flowing waters, Zhong said, "How nice! It sounds as vast as the Yellow River and the Yangzi River." 

今天我们用“高山流水” 比喻知音或乐曲高妙。
  The phrase "high mountain and flowing rivers" is now a figurative expression for "bosom friends" or "musical virtuosity".

Keywords to help you understand:
成语 chéngyǔ :  idiom
则 zé :  measure word for idiom, short story, news etc.
高山 gāoshān :  high mountain
流水 liúshuǐ :  flowing water, river
典故 diǎngù :  allusion or quotation from classical works
来源 lái yuán :  origin, source, originate 
伯牙bóyá :  name of a person
善 shàn :  be good at
鼓 gǔ : drum, strum
琴 qín : General name for certain musical instrument, 古琴, seven-stringed plucked instrument in some ways like the zither.
钟子期 zhōngzǐqī : name of a person
听tīng : listen, hear
志 zhì : intend, intention
登 dēng : climb, mount
曰 yuē : (ancient classic formal verb) say, speak
峨 é :high moutain
兮 xī :  ( ancient classic formal auxiliary) akin to 啊 ā  in modern Chinese
若 ruò : like , as if
泰山 tài shān : Mountain Taishan, regarded as the king of mountains in ancient times
洋yáng : vast
江河jiāng hé : rivers

今天 jīntiān :  today, nowadays 
我们 wǒ men : we
用 yòng : use
比喻 bǐ yù :   metaphor, draw an analogy; a method of comparing one thing to another with which it shares some similarities with the aim of achieving a more vivid form of expression
知音 zhī yīn : understanding friend; someone who is keenly appreciative of one's talents; 
或 huò :  or
乐曲 yuè qǔ :  music
高妙 gāo miào : virtuosity

There is a famous Guzheng music named by High Mountains and Running Rivers. Maybe you will see the gorgeous high mountains and vast roaring rivers in this music. :)

Happy learning! My friends! 

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