Friday, July 25, 2014

Chinese Calligraphy Demonstration by Professor Bai Qinshen of Harvard

I have been taking the courses of ChinaX on

I feel very thankful that they teachers and students of Harvard presented such wonderful course for anyone who is interested in Chinese culture and history. I have learned a lot from their course.

In this post, I am going to put together some nice videos about the Chinese calligraphy.

First Prof. Bol and Prof. Bai Qianshen (白谦慎)make an introduction of Chinese calligraphy.

Then Prof. Bai gives us a demonstration on brush strokes and tip work

Four treasures of the study  文房四宝:

Prof. Bai demonstrating small regular script

Prof. Bai demonstrating cursive script

Prof. Bai illustrating different scripts with the character 'heaven'   天

Prof. Bai demonstrating different scripts with the character 'wood' 木

Some nice link about Chinese calligraphy:

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