Sunday, June 23, 2013

新电影《中国合伙人》(About a new movie《American dreams in China》)

《锵锵三人行》is one of my favorite talk show. The host is Dou Wentao.  The English name of this show is Behind the Headlines.

锵锵 literally means the clang, tinkle;  三人 means three people; 行 means posture in walking. I am guessing the name comes from the words “三人行,必有我师焉。” in the book 《论语》(the Analects of Confucius).  

Among any three people walking, I will find something to learn for sure.

这期节目谈论的是一部新近上演的电影《中国合伙人》。《中国合伙人》的英文译名为《American Dreams in China》,意为"中国的美国梦"。影片讲述的­是从上世纪80年代至今,30多年间大变革背景下,三个小人物为改变自身命运,最终实­现"中国式梦想"的故事。首周三天成功破亿,超越《钢铁侠3》成为周票房冠军。

This episode is about a newly released movie 《中国合伙人》, which is translated into English as American Dreams in China. On the background of 30-year reform since 1980s in China,  the movie talks about the story of how three ordinary people make their dream come true. Its first three day tally of more than 0.1 billion RMB is the best opening in this week, beating Iron Man 3.

The guests in this show don't think highly of this movie, although it is very popular recently in China mainland.  Click the following link, you'll see how the guests critics it.


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